Salt Cathedral - Salt Mine in Realmonte

Salt Cathedral - Salt Mine in Realmonte


 Via delle Miniera, Realmonte (AG)
 +39 0922 816244
 +39 0922 816777

The Salt Cathedral of Realmonte is a suggestive place of worship, unique in the world, located inside a rock salt mine, 100 meters below the surface and 30 below sea ​​level.
The mine in which the cathedral stands is one of the rock salt mines still active in Sicily: it is a deposit formed about 100 million years ago where huge quantities of salt are extracted every day for various uses .
The Cathedral was built in 2000 by miners who carved the salt rock. It has white and gray shades, it is 20 meters wide and 8 meters high.
Several bas-reliefs have been created on the walls: Santa Barbara in the apse, the Holy Family on the right wall and Jesus crucified on the left. Furthermore, salt sculptures were created: two stoups located at the entrance to the cathedral; a bishop's chair; the table with a lamb carved; the ambo with a cross and the Paschal candle carved.
Of particular value is the salt rose window born from a natural crossing of rock salt with other salts.
The cathedral is managed by the Italkali company and can only be visited on the last Wednesday of the month. For information and reservations call the numbers +39 0922 816244,+39 0922 816777

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