Sanctuary of the SS. Crucifix in Siculiana

Sanctuary of the SS. Crucifix in Siculiana

Antonio Pignato - CC4.0

The Sanctuary of the SS. Crucifix in Siculiana, as well as the Mother Church, is the main building of worship in the village. The Black Crucifix, patron saint of Siculiana, is venerated in the church, to which solemn celebrations are dedicated every year celebrations.
It was built at the end of the 16th century at the behest of the Carmelite Fathers. The College of Mary, the Batia, was annexed to the church much later. Important remodeling and expansion works date back to 1700, during which the transept, dome, apse, sacristy and oratory were built. Important decoration and restoration works date back to the second half of the 19th century, which took place by will of the bishop of Agrigento Mons. Domenico Maria Lo Jacono whose coat of arms is still visible on one of the external walls of the building.
The façade, divided in three orders, it is incomplete as it lacks the pediment in style with the lower part. On the first level there is a large portal flanked by two columns with Ionic style capitals that support the entablature and the string course frame. On the second order, in a central position, there is a large rectangular window flanked by two twisted columns that support the entablature. The third order is incomplete.
The interior, with a single nave with a dome on an octagonal tambour, presents precious decorative features in a light baroque style and numerous pictorial representations both on canvas and on plaster: the frescoes in the vault of the nave, depictedThe Creation of Adam, The Creation of Eve and The Original Sin by the artist Raffaello Politi (1783 – 1870) who copied Michelangelo's work of the famous Sistine Chapel.
The church houses works of particular artistic value: the black wooden statue of the Crucified Christ, venerated by the Sicilians; a magnificent pipe organ from 1939 restored and in perfect working order. Inside the baptistery there is also a precious lustral basin of Jewish origin.

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