Chiazzette of Acireale

Chiazzette of Acireale

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 SS114 Orientale Sicula - Acireale (CT)

The Chiazzette di Acireale connect the city of Acireale to the village of Santa Maria la Scala. This itinerary, along a height difference of 150 meters, offers splendid views of the Ionian coast. Along the way there are small squares, "little spots", from which the entire route takes its name.
The first Chiazzetta is dominated by a monumental example of Platano whose age is certainly to be estimated over 150 years. After the curve you walk on the first ramp of the Chiazzette, against which the Fortezza del Tocco stands out: the bastion, built for defensive purposes in the first half of the 17th century. The fort, which offers a wide view of the coast, had an irregular plan and housed a large cannon which, firing a shot at each sighting of pirate ships, warned the population of the danger. In the nineteenth century, the defensive needs ended, the fort was abandoned and abandoned. Today it is the seat of the Visitor Center of the protected area. Along the fourth ramp there is the call dedicated to the SS. Crucifix of the Good New, dating back to the first half of the nineteenth century. On the seventh and last ramp there are two alternatives: going straight ahead you reach the square of the seaside village, while taking the path on the right, called via Miuccio, you reach the homonymous beach where the Mulino Testa dell'Acqua is located.

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