Castle of Motta Sant'Anastasia

Castle of Motta Sant'Anastasia

Fiorenzo Fiorenza - CC4.0

The Castle of Motta Sant'Anastasia is the smallest than the Castello di Paternò and the Castello di Adrano, the other two dongioni built along the Simeto Valley.
It was built between 1070 and 1074 by Count Ruggero Il Normanno. It has a rectangular shape, typical of a defensive settlement of the late Middle Ages. The structure is made of irregular sized lava stone segments and mortar. The tower, set on a lava rocky crag, is divided into three floors by means of wooden floors. Around the fortress there are still the ruins of the walls, inside which other buildings must have been present.
The castle is home to the Historical Museum which has multimedia equipment on the ground floor and a Hall of Arms on the first floor.

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