Volcanological Museum of Etna

Volcano House Etna, formerly the Etna Volcanological Museum, is a museum dedicated to the highest volcano in Europe, Mount Etna. The Museum is housed in the historic home of the Gemmellaro brothers, Etna volcanologists and scholars. The museum has been revisited in a modern and multimedia way, reorganized in content and in the exhibition part.
The museum area is divided into two sections: a documentation center, developed inside a prefabricated building where there is a rich collection of photos and blow-ups, which describe the different evolutionary phases of the eruptions and a scale model of the entire territory Etna. There is also the "volcano house video wallIn", that is a gigantic video-wall where it is possible to view live images from the volcano and from the INGV operational headquarters, and a small area dedicated to projection has been set up, where films and documentaries on the most significant volcanic eruptions are shown; the second section develops inside the ancient nineteenth-century farmhouse, where you can admire samples of lava products such as slag, crystals, sublimates and volcanic bombs. In this section, through panels, the birth and evolution of volcanoes, in particular that of Etna, are treated from a scientific point of view, as well as the relationship it has with man. Inside the museum there is also a small library of texts on Etna, available to those who want to deepen their study of the volcano. Inside the museum there are various services such as cafeteria, restaurant, bookstore - museum shop, aimed at improving the overall offer of the Museum and the quality of hospitality. Today this restored, renovated and made more attractive structure represents a fundamental information hub for tourists visiting Nicolosi and Mount Etna. 

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