Bove Valley

Bove Valley

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The Bove Valley, one of the most characteristic parts of the Etna volcano, is located within the Etna Park, in the territory of Zafferana Etnea.
Its formation dates back to about 64,000 years ago when, due to a collapse of the eruptive theaters of the eruptive centers of Trifoglietto I and Trifoglietto II, the predecessors of Etna, a depression was generated that formed a gigantic basin.
The Valle del Bove, with the iron-shaped edges of the cavalo with the eastern side open, measures about 5 km in width and 6 km in length with depth points that can even reach 1 km. It looks desert, covered by the latest lava flows. To the east of the Valle del Bove we find Monte Calanna, where a slope, called Salto della Giumenta, separates the depression from the Val Calanna. To the north of the Valle del Bove is the Serra delle Concazze, while to the south the Serra del Salifizio. Deep walls and natural ridges can be seen in both areas.

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