Via degli Archi in Randazzo

Via degli Archi in Randazzo

valentina ceccatelli - CC4.0


 Via Archi - Randazzo (CT)

Via degli Archi in Randazzo, although very small, is the most famous street in the country.
It is a narrow street, which opens onto Piazza San Nicola, near the church of the same name. In the Aragonese period, the parliament sometimes met on this square, and the via degli archi was therefore the entrance to the nobility of the time.
The small street is embellished with four lava stone arches that follow one another at regular intervals, an extraordinary example of Aragonese architecture in Sicily. The first Arch is surmounted by a mullioned window with pointed arches, which rest on a column of white stone, creating a happy chromatic contrast with the black of the lava stone.

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