Civic Museum of Castelbuono

Civic Museum of Castelbuono

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 Piazza Castello - Castelbuono (PA)

The Civic Museum of Castelbuono , located at the Municipal Castle , is the Cultural Institution to which the Municipality is entrusted with the conservation, enhancement and promotion of the cultural heritage of the borgo.
The first objective of the Museum is to start a path to use the museum of the Ventimiglia Municipal Castle: the museum itinerary starts from the visit of the most significant archaeological sites of the Castle.
The archaeological section delves into the evolutionary history of the Ventimiglia manor, through didactic panels and through the exhibition of excavated objects found inside the castle during the restoration of the nineties.
The urban planning section exhibits an educational reconstruction on the historical evolution of the town of Castelbuono from the 12th century to today, with a chronological representation of the architectural development of the main monuments.
The first floor houses the Pinacoteca of art modern and contemporary, whose main nucleus currently consists of the Fund of the donation by Dr. Luigi Di Piazza which includes 35 works, including paintings and sculptures.
The second floor, in addition to the prestige of the sumptuous Chapel of Sant'Anna with the precious Serpottian stuccoes, it hosts the exhibition of treasures and sacred furnishings of the Palatine chapel, while the reception hall is the venue for literary meetings, concerts and other cultural manifestations.

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