Rocca of Cefalù

Rocca of Cefalù

Giuseppe Scandura


 Salita dei Saraceni, 21 - Cefalù (PA)

The Rocca di Cefalù is a spectacular cliff 268 meters high from which the city took its name.
A part of the Rocca's perimeter is characterized by the presence of a city wall dating back to the Middle Ages and completed in the 15th century. At the top you can admire the remains of a medieval castle dating back to the XII-XIV century and the remains of the Temple of Diana.
The fortress is linked the myth of Dafni .
To reach the ticket office of the fortress from Corso Ruggero, the heart of the Norman town, it is necessary to take the narrow Via Saraceni and follow it until you reach the pedestrian access path to the Rocca.

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