Church of San Domenico in Collesano

The Church of San Domenico in Collesano is also known as the Church of the Annunziata Nuova, a name given to distinguish it from the one, still existing today, located on the level of the cemetery.
It was built in the early 1500s by Susanna Gonzaga , wife of the Count of Collesano Pietro Cardona. In 1547 the countess, at the behest of Pope Paul III, obtained the faculty to be able to choose the religious who were to take care of the Church and thus entrusted it to the Order of San Domenico.
The church houses works of considerable value artistic: the canvas depicting the Madonna del Rosario and Saints, a work from 1623 commissioned by the Society of the Most Holy Rosary to Gaspare Vazzano; a sixteenth-century marble group; a sarcophagus from 1402 with the remains of some Collesan counts including Antonio Ventimiglia; the wooden statue of the Madonna del Rosario with S. Domenico.

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