Church of San Sebastiano and Fabiano in Collesano

The Church of San Sebastiano and Fabiano in Collesano, located adjacent to the Institute of the Daughters of the Cross and for this reason also known as the Church of the Collegio, is considered the oldest church among those built outside the Bagherino gate, the oldest of the village.
The date of construction is not known but the entrance portal bears the date of 1646. Over the centuries its structure has undergone numerous and evident alterations.
Currently it has a single nave and houses works of particular artistic value: an urn of the dead Christ, coming from the Church of San Giovanni Battista which collapsed in 1932, which, according to an ancient tradition dating back to at least the 1800s, has been carried in procession every Good Friday since at least the 1800s; a wooden statue of St. Sebastian and some eighteenth-century canvases by the Palermitan painter Giuseppe Testa.

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