Salto dei Ventimiglia in Geraci Siculo

Salto dei Ventimiglia in Geraci Siculo

Davide Mauro - CC4.0


 Via Francesco Ventimiglia, 27 - Geraci Siculo (PA)

The Salto Ventimiglia in Geraci Siculo is a urban panoramic view in glass and steel, which detaches itself from the edge of the wall and extends into the void for a few meters. The structure allows you to walk on a sheet of glass with an exceptional panorama under your feet. The vast horizon that opens before reaches the slopes of Etna.
The belvedere is located in correspondence with the Mendolilla alley, in the place that, according to historiographic traction, was the scene of the death of Francesco I Ventimiglia; from here, in fact, in 1337 the Count of Geraci, pursued by the royal troops of Peter II of Aragon, would have launched himself with his horse, plunging into the very deep cliff below. The steel and glass walkway allows you to metaphorically relive the leap into the void of Ventimiglia.
In the adjoining room on the ground floor of the Municipal Library there is an information center equipped with a multimedia station and the exhibition of artistic terracotta bas-reliefs focusing on the history of the place.

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