Gorges of Tiberius in Madonie Park

Gorges of Tiberius in Madonie Park

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 Contrada Tiberio - San Mauro Castelverde (PA)

The Gole di Tiberio is a spectacular natural canyon, at the bottom of a wooded and silent valley, carved by the impetuous waters of the Pollina river and represents one of the most fascinating and hidden places of the Madonie. It is located between the territories of San Mauro Castelverde, Castelbuono and Pollina, falling within the Parco delle Madonie.
The Gorges are outcrops of Mesozoic limestone modeled by river erosion about 250 meters long, formed about 200 million years ago. Along its path, the Pollina river has formed a series of lakes, small waterfalls, water features of great beauty. In particular, inside the gorges you can see: u Miricu, the narrowest point of the gorges, the numerous nests of various species of birds, the fossils of gastropods dating back to about 150 million years ago, the boulder that acts as a natural bridge over the gorges, once a secret passage for the brigands and wanted people who lived in the numerous caves and hiding places in the area.
Since 2001 the Gorges di Tiberio are part of the European Geopark Network recognized by UNESCO.
Inside the Gorges of Tiberius it is possible to make excursions by rubber dinghy, river trail, and rafting.

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