Piano Battaglia in Madonie

Piano Battaglia in Madonie

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 Piano Battaglia (PA)

Piano Battaglia, in the heart of the Parco delle Madonie at an altitude of 1600 meters. s.l.m., nestled between the mountain complex of Pizzo Carbonara and Monte Mufara, is a summer and winter holiday resort and offers the only ski resort with ski lift and downhill slopes in western Sicily. It represents the starting point of the great ski mountaineering and excursion crossings that involve Pizzo Carbonara, Monte Ferro, Monte Spina Puci and Monte Mufara, here it is also possible to practice cross-country skiing and ski mountaineering.
During the summer season Pizzo Carbonara is a popular destination for hiking lovers as well as a refreshment point on the hottest days.
It owes its name to the bloody battle between Muslims and Normans that took place in these places in the 11th century AD.

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