Church of Santa Maria di Loreto in Petralia Soprana

Church of Santa Maria di Loreto in Petralia Soprana

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 Piazza Loreto - Petralia Soprana (PA)

The Church of Santa Maria di Loreto in Petralia Soprana stands in a strategic position, behind it stands a wonderful viewpoint which dominates the peaks and valleys of the Madonie, up to Etna. In fact, in this place stood a fortress to control the territory, then, in the ninth century, the structures were used for religious purposes.
Totally rebuilt in the eighteenth century, the building is a fascinating combination of the Baroque style and the remains medieval elements. On the sides of the façade there are two bell towers with conical spiers covered with polychrome majolica, built in different periods, which, in addition to having a decorative function, also serve to protect against water infiltrations.
The interior has a cross plan Greek and houses the sumptuous marble “Cona” by Gagini, as well as other valuable works by Quattrocchi, Bagnasco, Sansovino and Novelli.

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