Sanctuary of Madonna dell'Alto in Petralia Sottana

Sanctuary of Madonna dell'Alto in Petralia Sottana


 Monte ALto - Petralia Sottana (PA)

The Sanctuary of the Madonna dell'Alto stands on the top of Monte Alto, one of the highest peaks in Sicily. The complex is made up of a church, a sacristy and a hermitage with rooms to host pilgrims. The sanctuary probably dates back to the 13th century, and according to tradition its construction is attributed to the blessed Guglielmo Gnoffi da Polizzi, died in 1317.
Of particular value is the marble statue of the Madonna dell'Alto which is attributed to the sculptor Domenico Gagini dated 1471. The statue, almost a meter, is of exquisite workmanship and is kept in a beautiful altar covered in marble from 1749.
Of particular interest are also: the arch covered in polychrome marble dating back to 1797; the elegant wrought iron gate that divide the chapel from the rest of the church; the Sicilian school canvas depicting the Spasimo di Sicilia copy of the more famous Spasimo by Raffaello Sanzio. On the walls of the church or in other adjacent rooms there are several ex-votos.

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