Traditional costume of Piana degli Albanesi


TCI - CC4.0

The Traditional Female Costume of Piana degli Albanesi represents the cultural identity of this colony founded in 1488.
The traditional party dress is embroidered with gold threads, and consists of a skirt, ncilona, ​​held tight at the waist by an equally precious belt, brezi. The skirt is worn with a white shirt, linja, a bodice, krahët, also red and embroidered in gold on which the sleeves are fastened. You can also bring a shawl, mandilina. The wedding dress also includes a sqepi veil, and a bow, shkoka përpara, between the skirt and the bodice.
The rigorously handcrafted preparation of these dresses can take many months, if not years, and, once they are made up, they enter to be part of the assets of the female component of the family. Some clothes are exhibited at the "Nicola Barbato" Civic Museum in Piana degli Albanesi.
Traditional clothes are combined with goldsmith craftsmanship. The jewels, in fact, are all made according to the Byzantine taste: earrings, pindajet; garnet necklaces, rrusarji; pendants and chest bangs, kriqja and kurçetës; All jewels are rigorously made according to traditional systems.