Footprint of Porta Sant'Agata in Palermo


Effems - CC4.0

The Sant'Agata la Pedata church in Palermo owes its name to a boulder which bears the imprint of the foot of Sant’Agata.
It is said that the saint, during the journey in which she was taken to Catania on the orders of the Roman prefect Quinziano in the year 253 to undergo martyrdom, stopped near a door of Palermo, which still bears her name today, to reconnect with a unlaced sandal.
Placed the foot on the rock, this one kept its imprint forever. To celebrate the Saint, the relic of her forearm kept in the Cathedral is brought to the church of Sant'Agata la Pedata and then carried in procession.
In Sicily there are similar stories relating to the "pedata di Sant'Agata": a first story in Catania in the Church of Sant'Agata al Carcere, the second story in the town of Mascali.