Legend of the castle of Aidone


Popular tradition has it that a legendary "truvatura" is linked to the castle of Pietratagliata di Aidone.
It is said that in 1668 the baron caprini had an epigraph in Latin engraved on the architrave of a pointed window of the castle, on a marble slab. Today there is no trace of this epigraph and, although historical sources refer that it is a dedication by Caprini to his successor, popular tradition has it that it is linked to a legendary truss: "the knight who, while galloping over the castle , had managed to read and interpret the epigraph, he would have found a huge treasure. "
It is believed that this popular legend is linked to the discovery at the end of the nineteenth century of several silver and electro coins minted by a mint following a Punic army and some of Morgantina's silver depicting a galloping knight.

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