The legend of the fallen child


Kondephy - CC3.0

The legend of fallen child is linked to the cult of the Black Madonna and tells of a miracle that took place in Sanctuary of Tindari.
It is said that a woman went to the Sanctuary of Tindari to venerate the Virgin who had granted her the grace to heal her seriously ill daughter. Observed the wooden statue of the Virgin, the woman was disappointed by the dark color of the statue and exclaimed: “I came from afar to see someone uglier than me”. Shortly after, the woman's daughter suddenly fell out of the window of the ancient sanctuary and ended up in the sea after a flight of almost 300 meters. The mother then went back to praying to the Black Madonna saying: "If you are the miraculous Virgin who saved my daughter for the first time, save her a second time". The miracle happened again: the little girl was saved and was found by a sailor on a strip of land formed in the place where the Marinello lakes now stand. So that the mother exclaimed: “Truly you are the great miraculous Virgin”.