Legend of the females that fly


Slaunger - CC3.0

In Alicudi, in the Aeolian Islands, a popular legend speaks of females who fly, in the local dialect Mahare Arcudare .
Those who live on the island say they have heard of it from older family members. It is said of female figures that show themselves only when the sun goes down and that on the beach of Alicudi they prepared potions that transformed them into animals capable of making them fly to other lands. The mahares returned to Alicudi the following night with new materials and provisions for the island.
It is also said that three mahares prepared lavish banquets on the beach to which the fishermen of the island were invited. Legend has it that if the fishermen would have eaten their dinner without showing mistrust of food and drink, they would have received in exchange protection against the dangers of the sea, otherwise they would have suffered deadly consequences and repercussions on the outcome of the fishing. finally, that the mahare handed down to the fishermen the art of tagliata , a rapid execution of prayers and rites capable of reducing the storm and protecting the boat from shipwrecks. Even today both in Alicudi and Lipari there is a cutter in all the boats, able to exercise his power over the sea.
According to what has been reported, the sightings of flying women date back to the period between 1902 and 1905, a historical period in which the lack of grain led the population to go hungry. To survive the famine, the local population began to consume rye. It was discovered that this rye was contaminated with a mushroom with hallucinogenic properties which is now believed to have been the cause of the collective visions. and authoritative UK radio and television publisher, he has shown great interest in this legend, so much so that he dedicated a report to it.

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