Spectrum of the Teatro Massimo in Palermo


The legend of specter of Teatro Massimo in Palermo is linked to the history of its construction and the desecration of tomb.
In order to build the majestic Teatro Massimo it was necessary to demolish the Church and the Monastery of the Stigmata of S. Francesco, the Church and Monastery of the Virgin Theatine of the Immaculate Conception, the Church of Santa Marta and the Church of Sant'Agata di Scorruggi delle Mura. that rose in the area involved in the construction of the work.
Legend has it that during the demolitions the tomb of a nun was involuntarily desecrated who, disturbed in her eternal rest, wanted to obstruct the construction of the Theater. Several times, in fact, the shadow of a nun would have appeared on the stage, between the wings and in the basement, wandering restlessly and cursing that place. It is for this reason, the story goes, that the theater was built in 23 years and for the same 23 years it was closed for restoration. This specter is called the little nun and it is even said that whoever does not believe in the ghost stumbles upon a specific step of the theater, known as the "nun's step".