Legend of dragon of Alcantara gorges


The legend of the dragon of the Alcantara Gorges tells of a monstrous creature that inhabited the waters of the river.
According to the legend, the dragon was a prehistoric creature that, going into hibernation, became trapped under the waters, then assuming monstrous features.
The rest of the monster was however disturbed by a queen and her husband. The two young men, dreaming of giving birth to a child and failing to do so, turned to a necromancer. He told him that the only way to be able to have a child was to kill the great and feared dragon of Alcantara and eat its heart.
The king then faced this arduous duel and managed to defeat the dragon but in the fight he too lost his life. However, her sacrifice could not be nullified, so the queen, following the necromancer's instructions, decided to eat the dragon's heart. The queen ordered her maid, virgin, to cook her heart and they ate it together. In fact, the queen knew that it was also her maid's desire to have a baby. The two gave birth on the same day to two wonderful and splendid creatures.