Legend of the epigraph in Calatabiano


In Calatabiano, on the main portal of the church of the Holy Crucifix there is an epigraph and a legend was born about it.
The epigraph of Church of Most Holy Crucifixhas a difficult interpretation, it is thought that it shows the construction date of the building and the name of Archbishop Eufemio, but the difficult interpretation has led the people to believe that there is a mystery around it. According to popular tradition, the epigraph is indecipherable because: "The writing will be deciphered only by a rider who will pass in front of it, running on a white horse, causing the bowels of the mountain to open, giving away an unimaginable treasure that has been hidden for centuries ". The title of the "Truvatura" is therefore connected to the epigraph, ie the discovery of precious goods linked to the execution of rituals to break bond spells.

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