Legend of San Filippo in Calatabiano


Numerous legends have arisen about San Filippo, patron saint of Calatabiano, revered for his skills as an exorcist.
According to the most popular legend in the town of Calatabiano, Satan challenged St. Philip to demonstrate the power of God. It is said that St. Philip, challenged by Satan, being tied up with heavy chains was able to free himself easily. It was then the turn of Satan who, tied with a thread from the beard of the Saint, despite his efforts, was unable to break it and free himself.
It is also said that the Saint chased Satan to hell, from which he emerged. covered with soot, which is why the saint is depicted all black. Finally, it is said that St. Philip threw Satan into the well, from where the devil asked for the date of his liberation and, misunderstood the term "never" with "May". So even today Satan invokes the month of May, which, instead, comes only to bring the Saint in triumph.

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