Legend of the Sibyl of Cuma


In Sicily the Sibyl of Cuma has been identified with the Sibyl of Lillibeo, today Marsala, where she was said to live in a cave.
The Sibyl of Cuma, also known by the name of Amalthea, who lived in a cave and had the task of making known the oracles of Apollo. Legend has it that Apollo, who fell in love with Amalthea, invited her to make a wish, she asked to be able to live as many years as the grains of sand she could hold in her hand, but forgetting to ask to remain young. Sibyl, in addition to what she had asked him, also youth on condition that it was granted to him, but the Sibyl gave up so as not to lose her virginity.
Thus, as the Sibyl aged, her body dried up until, after about a thousand years, it melted into dust and her voice remained only, which continued to utter the oracles of Apollo.