Places of "Il Viaggio" - Noto


The city of Noto, capital city of the Sicilian Baroque, is the set for some scenes of the film "Il Viaggio".
The journey is a 1974 film, directed by Vittorio De Sica at his latest film direction, with Sophia Loren and Richard Burton. It is based on a novel by Luigi Pirandello of 1910.
The film tells of Adriana, a beautiful and charming woman who becomes a widow due to the death of her husband in a car accident. The situation becomes complicated when Cesare, the brother of the deceased spouse and her only love, begins to woo the woman. However, their relationship is hampered by an incurable disease from which the woman suffers, which leaves the two lovers with only moments of passion stolen from destiny.
The film was shot in the cities of Noto, Milan, Venice, Rome, Naples, Ispica and Palermo .
The scenes shot in Noto show Palazzo Landolina di Sant'Alfano which in the film is Palazzo Braggi, the residence of the brothers Antonio and Cesare Braggi and in which the latter will remain after the marriage of his brother to Adriana de Mauro. The huts that overlook Largo Landolina, where the building is located, are actually stage buildings built specifically for filming and then demolished. The house where Adriana de Mauro lives before getting married is located in Via Giavanti in Noto. Piazza Talamone also appears in the various scenes, a small square where, once the rain has finished, a woman is preparing to collect the buckets full of precious rainwater.

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