Locations of the film Seduced and Abandoned - Siculiana


A curious anecdote and some places link the film - Seduced and Abandoned - to the city of Siculiana
The film Sedotta e Abandonata by Pietro Germi was almost entirely shot in city ​​of Sciacca, but the city of Siculiana was decisive in the progress of the filming: in the summer of 1964 the film crew of the film was hosted in the palazzo Agnello. Monica Vitti was hired as the female protagonist but the actress left Siculiana due to the heat, the lack of services and because she didn't like the role in the film. It was following this episode that the young Stefania Sandrelli was chosen as the protagonist.
Among the scenes of the film Seduced and Abandoned shot in Siculiana we remember the one shot in the Church of San Lorenzo where Antonio Ascalone, played by Lando Buzzanca, will go to kill Peppino, played by Aldo Puglisi.

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