Places of "The Godfather" - Savoca


Giuseppe Scandura

Savoca, and in particular the Vitelli Bar, have become famous throughout the world as the set of some scenes of "The Godfather".
The Vitelli Bar and the whole village of Savoca has become famous throughout the world because it is the set of some scenes of "The Godfather". The village of Savoca, as well as that of Forza D'Agrò, is famous all over the world because it was used as a film set by Francis Ford Coppola for the setting of several scenes in the film trilogy "The Godfather". The film, which has always been considered one of the best films ever made, tells the story of the powerful Mafia family of New York: the Corleones.
In "The Godfather" the places that can be seen framed by Coppola's camera are the Bar Vitelli, the farmhouse in Piazza Fossia and the church of San Nicolò. The farmhouse is Palazzo Trimarchi, in Piazza Fossia, an eighteenth-century noble residence on the ground floor of which is the Bar Vitelli. Inside the palace some places of the protagonist's house were set, while the scenes of the meetings took place in the bar that still exists today. The marriage between Michael Corleone and the beautiful Apollonia was filmed in the beautiful church-fortress of San Nicolò.