Places "History of a blackcap" - Noto


sailko - CC2.5

The splendid baroque palaces of the city of Noto appear in some scenes of "Storia di una Capinera".
The film directed by Franco Zeffirelli and based on the novel of the same name by Giovanni Verga, tells the story of Maria Vizzini, played by Angela Bettis, a young novice who, together with her fellow believers, has to leave the convent due to the cholera epidemic. . She thus returns home to her father and stepmother. It is a period in which, between walks and conviviality, he gets to know the world beyond the convent and meets Nino, a charming and cultured young man with whom he falls in love. Forced to return to the convent, in the final scene the novices prepare for their definitive vocation.
The film was shot in Aci Trezza, Aci Castello, Catania, Etna, Palazzolo Acreide, Noto, Zafferana Etnea and Aci San Filippo near the Hermitage of Sant'Anna.
Among the scenes shot in Noto, the one in which the young novice observes, among the grades of the convent, her lost love Nino and her half-sister Giuditta is famous. The building where Nino and Giuditta live is Palazzo Trigona di Noto.

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