Mythical Atlantis and Lampedusa


George Grie - CC4.0

This suggestive hypothesis would place the mythical Atlantis in the Sicilian channel, between the island of Linosa and the Gulf of Sirte.
This hypothesis was supported by an underwater expedition that took place in 1957 and led by the Italian Raimondo Bucher, who noticed a wall of volcanic nature. On that occasion it was not possible to carry out further studies due to the inadequate equipment available at the time. Bucher himself, helped by his brother, managed to spot and photograph two statues and hundreds of amphorae in that same area. But both the photos and the artifacts have now disappeared. In 2010, some Libyan boats inspecting the same area claimed to have noticed some constructions that could be defined as rural dwellings, as well as some archaeological finds that were taken for better analysis. Unfortunately, probably due to the difficult political situation of the country, there is no further news of these findings.
The hypothesis of placing the kingdom of Atlantis in the Sicilian Channel would also be in agreement with what Plato wrote in his Dialogues .

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