"Test of the schietti" in Terrasini


The “Prova di li schietti” is an tradition of Terrasini which sees as protagonists a young man, a girl and an orange tree.
It was tradition that the young bachelor, the "frank", intent on conquering a girl, had to go under his balcony to perform a feat worthy of the intention: he had to lift a bitter orange tree weighing about fifty kilos and hold it for as long as possible.
In ancient times the lift was limited to a declaration of love, almost an anticipation of the conversation between the parents of the boys who established the commitment of love for their children. As a reward for the effort, he finally received the long-awaited hand.
In the Civic Museum of Terrasini he finds a place in a long exhibition of evocative vintage photos that show the ancient tradition of the "test of the schetti".
Every year This ancient custom of the town is remembered through the Festa di li frank.