The Spirits of the Castle of Avola


DavideGorla - CC2.0

According to a popular legend, spirits live in the Villa Di Chiusa Di Carlo, known as the Castle of Avola.
The Villa di Chiusa by Carlo di Avola, located near the city hospital, is surrounded by agricultural land. It was built at the behest of the Cavaliere Carlo di Loreto, who had bought the land with the marriage dowry of Preziosa Modica di San Giovanni, as a summer residence and to control the agricultural production of the land. It was soon abandoned because the Cavaliere soon preferred to devote himself to the Tonnara and the tuna trade.
The Castle of Avola, very large and with many valuable elements, was soon abandoned but, according to popular tradition, it is home to some spirits very jealous of the property ready to frighten even the most fearless of visitors.
The basis of this legend is linked to a historical event that took place precisely in these places: on 2 December 1968, during a demonstration in support of farm workers, the police opened the fire and killed Giuseppe Scibilia and Angelo Sigona. In the following days, the squares of all of Italy were invaded by demonstrations. The villa became a monument to the memory of the two dead and since then it is said that two spirits have chosen the villa as their home.

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