Truvatura of Monte Venere


A legend very much alive in the memory of village of Castelmola is that of "truvatura", or rather the discovery of a treasure.
It is said that hidden treasures were present on Monte Venere and that their material manifestation was linked to the execution of rituals to break binding spells. In fact, guarding the treasures was the soul of a deceased who had the task of protecting the treasure. According to popular tradition, to find and obtain the treasure it was necessary to enter into the graces of this soul, looking for the "truvatura", that is, the way to obtain the treasure from the guardian, who in turn hoped to be freed from this eternal condemnation. It was common for the soul to reach people in a dream explaining the rite to be performed to obtain the treasure.
It is believed that the "truvatura" arises from the fact that it often happened to find hidden treasures because, during the occupations suffered in the territory, the people, who fled to the oppressors, hid their possessions in the hope of being able to recover them later. These people were not always able to return and the treasure remained buried.

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