Oxena waterfalls

Oxena waterfalls

Davide Mauro - CC4.0


 SP47 - Militello Val di Catania (CT)

The Oxena waterfalls are magnificent natural waterfalls, located in the territory of Militello in Val di Catania and set in a canyon of lava origin. These waterfalls are strangely active all year round, even in periods of severe drought, the Oxena River is in fact fed by countless springs that open right on its banks.
The visit to these falls is fascinating, especially if it is done in the warm seasons. You arrive in an unusual environment, made up of green caves and sunny plateaus, the water course has in fact dug some sort of deep gorges, in which the vegetation has settled. This creates a unique natural atmosphere that surrounds the Oxena Falls, creating a real paradise for lovers of trekking and nature walks. It is possible to walk along the bottom of one of these quarries, under a vegetable gelleria that acts as a vault and goes against the river that is never deep.
The entrance to the path that leads to the bottom of the quarry is next to it. of the entrance gate of the welcome center Casa Giovanni Emanuel - Residence Monsignor Gulizia - Madonna della Lettera Association.

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