Feast of San Giuseppe in Caccamo

Feast of San Giuseppe in Caccamo

Dates and program

March 19, Sunday

  • 19:00 Santa Messa presiede Mons. Giovanni Cassata

In Caccamo, on the occasion of the celebrations in honor of San Giuseppe, the traditional events "'A Retina" and "' A Scalunata" take place, which take place on the two Sundays before March 19.
The second Sunday before 19 March takes place "'A Retina", a commemoration of the wheat harvest in honor of San Giuseppe. In the morning there is a parade of mules, dressed up with bows, jewels, festoons, rattles and ringing bells, during which offerings in kind are collected, such as wheat, broad beans, chickpeas and various cereals, promised by the devotees of the saint, who they are placed inside the artistically worked saddlebags.
The following Sunday there is "'A Scalunata", a re-enactment in a modern key of the votive offering of candles lit in honor of St. Joseph . Inside the Church of SS. Annunziata a long staircase full of lighted candles is set up which, starting from the lower steps of the main altar, rises up to the apse where the artistic simulacrum of St. Joseph with the Child is set up.
March 19, the day of the feast , the traditional procession of the simulacrum of the Saint takes place through the streets of the Borgo.

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