Feast of San Giuseppe in Poggioreale

Feast of San Giuseppe in Poggioreale

 March 19




In Poggioreale the celebrations in honor of San Giuseppe, on 18 and 19 March, are characterized by the setting up of the traditional Altars of San Giuseppe . The Altars, set up inside private homes, are set against a wall and develop on three, four, or five steps, on which large round "Cucciddata" loaves are placed. According to tradition, the number of loaves cannot be less than three, in homage to the number of members of the Holy Family. At the foot of the Altar a large flat table is placed which is filled with delicious sweets such as Pignulate, Cannoli, Sfinci, Cassateddi and Squartucciati . Squartucciati are typical sweets of Poggioreale that consist of carved pasta leaves stuffed with well-chopped dried figs, whose characteristic is the upper part that is "quartered", that is carved with very fine penknives that bring out the designs of flowers, lilies, daisies, jasmine roses, in short, a real embroidery. The most solemn and evocative moment of the entire event is the consummation of St. Joseph's lunch, which will be offered, by tradition, to three citizens chosen from among the most needy.

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