Feast of San Giuseppe in Salaparuta

Feast of San Giuseppe in Salaparuta

 2023 March 19-20

 Chiesa SS.ma Trinità



The celebrations in honor of San Giuseppe in Salaparuta take place in March. In honor of the saint, some particularly devoted families prepare beautiful multi-tiered altars in their homes, framed by two laurel trees, at the top of which is the image of the Holy Family, a sign of the beatific status and supernatural of the Holy Family. Dozens and dozens of dishes of all kinds are arranged on white embroidered tablecloths. Among the food stands out the presence of bread, the daily gift of Divine Providence. Bread of different shapes and sizes, including the so-called "cucciddata", which must be at least three, like the members of the Holy Family.
The women of Salaparuta, by tradition, are particularly skilled in preparing the so-called " spera ”, a monstrance enriched with a mixture of figs in the center of which is carved the monogram which is the symbol of Jesus, Savior of men. Three children are invited to the table at the altar, called "li santi", representing the Holy Family, once the poorest of the country were invited. After washing their hands with red wine, which recalls the blood that became wine in the hands of Christ during the Last Supper, the "saints" taste all the dishes prepared and served by the hostess, starting with pasta with tomato sauce , a symbol of fertility, to which cauliflower, wild fennel and toasted and sweetened crumb are added. When lunch is over, what's left will be offered to family and friends. On the 18th, visitors are offered sweets, breads and chickpeas and those who receive it do not traditionally have to reply thanks, as "the gift is due to the guest".

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