Cala Gadir in Pantelleria

Cala Gadir in Pantelleria

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 Loc. Gadir- Pantelleria (TP)

Cala Gadir in Pantelleria is one of the most characteristic coastal stretches of the island. The term Gadir is of Arabic origin and means basin of water . In Cala Gadir there is a small and delightful village in the shape of a semicircle overlooking the sea and there are two basins dug into the rock where the water temperature reaches 55 ° C. therapeutic properties of the water of Cala Gadir were known since ancient times it seems that it was the Punic people who discovered these thermal springs. Also of considerable interest is the alga which arises spontaneously on the walls of the tanks, indicated for the treatment of the respiratory tract. The entry into the water is simple, also favored by a concrete slide.
The Gadir site also offers a suggestive underwater archaeological itinerary.

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