Underwater Archaeological Site of Gadir

Underwater Archaeological Site of Gadir

RomanDeckert - CC4.0


 Loc. Gadir - Pantelleria (TP)

The waters that bathe the Gadir cove offer an interesting underwater archaeological path that testifies to the importance that this landing place had in past times. Numerous remains of amphorae have been found on the seabed, a few meters deep. The study of these amphorae has made it possible to identify the presence of at least two wrecks: the first dating back to the end of the third century BC. which probably carried Punic and Greco-Italic amphorae; the second, dating back to the end of the second century BC, which carried amphorae produced in the Carthaginian area along with other Roman ones. The archaeological itinerary develops following a flow of volcanic rock that ends at a depth of about 30 meters, in an expanse of white sand.

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