Bue Marino Cave in Filicudi

Bue Marino Cave in Filicudi

Salvo Cannizzaro - CC3.0


 Filicudi (ME)

The Grotta del Bue Marino in Filicudi is a sea cave that extends for over 70 km inland. The entrance to the cave is carved out of a high rocky wall that appears as a large mosaic thanks to the reflections of the light , the interior is a succession of rocky arches, alternating with a large number of stalactites and stalagmites, which lead to a small pebble beach. The cave is divided into three distinct branches: the north and south can be visited on foot, while the central branch can only be visited by those who practice underwater caving.
Until a few decades ago the gulf was populated by the largest colony of seals. in Italy, which made the cave very famous.
The cave is also of archaeological interest due to the presence of some petroglyphs dating back to the pre-Nuraghic period which represent the Dance of the Sun and the cult of fertility. The presence of fresh water inside the cave suggests that it was considered a sacred place.
The presence of fresh water and the meeting point with the sea water is clearly visible inside the cave. . The different springs and the aquifers create reflections with a unique charm.

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