Fossa delle Felci Mount in Salina

Fossa delle Felci Mount in Salina

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 Salina (ME)

The Monte Fossa delle Felci , located in the eastern part of the island of Salina, is the highest peak of the entire Aeolian archipelago , named for the presence of the homonymous plant. In the winter season, cloaked in snow, it offers a unique spectacle. It is an extinct volcano, whose ancient crater is still easily recognizable on the top. Once you reach the top you can admire a suggestive panorama on the horizon: the Sicilian coasts dominated by Etna, Alicudi, Filicudi, Stromboli, Panarea, Lipari and Vulcano.
In 1984 the < b> Natural reserve Montagne delle Felci e dei Porri , in order to preserve the natural environment: the slopes of the mountain are dense with vegetation, composed of ferns, eucalyptus, red eucalyptus, acacias, alders, elms, pines, holm oaks, cypresses, sycamore maples, cedars and many others. On the top of the mountain, an expanse of ferns has been created in the hollow created by the ancient crater . Inside the crater there is also a large chestnut wood.
There are several paths that lead to the summit, the one recommended and the shortest starts from the hamlet of Val di Chiesa, from the church of the Madonna del Terzito.

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