Conigli Island in Lampedusa

Conigli Island in Lampedusa

Luca Siragusa - CC2.0


 Isola dei Conigli - Lampedusa (AG)

The Isola dei Conigli in Lampedusa , located in the southwestern part of the island of Lampedusa, together with the adjacent beach of Conigli gives rise to the famous Conigli bay , a < b> place of incomparable beauty . It is an enchanted place surrounded by nature, with an incredible marine fauna and a water whose clarity and whose shades of blue are unparalleled in the world.
Isola dei Conigli is a small island kingdom of the herring gull which has a population of about one hundred pairs. The herring gull nests on the island of Rabbits and lives here exclusively, as well as in the areas of Africa from which it comes. On the islet there also lives a particular and rare species of lizard, the psammodromus algirus and in this area the Caretta Caretta turtles lay their eggs.
Today the island is a protected area , you can stop only in certain areas of the island and the adjacent beach in order not to interfere with the fauna present, navigation of any type of boat in the vicinity is prohibited and bathing is allowed only with access from the mainland.

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