Nizza di Sicilia

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Nizza di Sicilia

Davide Mauro - CC4.0

Nizza di Sicilia is one of the four villages of the Nisi Valley, a small stream that rises in the Peloritani mountains and flows into the Ionian Sea.
It owes its name to Garibaldi himself who attributed it to him during his visit in the famous expedition that united Italy.
Bathed by the Ionian Riviera, Nice boasts a beautiful beach and is an ideal location for lovers of the sea, windsurfing and sailing.
Nizza di Sicilia is also one of the few traditional production areas of the "Interdonato lemon", a lemon plant obtained from the graft between cedar and lemon created by the Garibaldi colonel Giovanni Interdonato.

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Nizza di Sicilia owes its name to Garibaldi who personally attributed it to him during the expedition that united Italy.

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