Coda di Volpe Nature Trail in Tindari

Coda di Volpe Nature Trail in Tindari

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 Via Mons. Pullano - Patti (ME)

The Coda di Volpe Path in Tindari is a panoramic path that descends along the Tindari hill to reach the hamlet of Marinello and from here the Marinello lakes.
The path, about one kilometer long, was once the only link between Tindari and the lakes while today it is practiced by the faithful on pilgrimage and by trekking enthusiasts. The panorama ranges from the Aeolian Islands in a northerly direction to the Gulf of Patti in the west. The path is immersed in the Mediterranean scrub within which prickly pears and broom dominate.
The path starts from via Mon Signor Pullano in Patti and ends on the promontory of Tindari where the Sanctuary of the Madonna di Tindari and the Archeologic Area .

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