Cathedral of Piana degli Albanesi

Cathedral of Piana degli Albanesi


 Via Giorgio Kastriota - Piana degli Albanesi (PA)

The Cathedral of St. Demetrius Megalomartyr , known as klisha and Shën Mitrit, is the main church elevated to the dignity of cathedral of the Piana degli Albanesi eparchy.
To the church it is accessed via a late Baroque style staircase. The façade shows two mosaics of the Monreale school of 1960 depicting Christ on the throne flanked by the figures of St. George and St. Demetrius.
The building has three naves, separated by two rows of seven marble columns. An imposing wooden iconostasis covers the three apses. The main apse, initially facing east according to the Byzantine canon, in the 16th century reconstruction, was placed towards the west. In the apses there are two frescoes, the work of Pietro Novelli, dating back to 1644, the Exaltation of the Trinity and Christ ascending to heaven, and a large oil painting on canvas by D'Antoni, dating back to 1845, depicting St. Nicholas who gives his goods to the poor.
The most valuable work kept in the church is the Icon of Christ with Mary from the Sienese school of 1500, the only one painted with egg tempera.
Following new restorations in 1960, the choir was transformed and enlarged and the barrel vault of the central nave replaced with a coffered roof with gold decorations. The signs of two styles are evident in the church: a western one, represented by the frescoes and various paintings on canvas; the other oriental, attested by the iconostasis and the icons placed in the side aisles.

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