Cale of Terrasini

Cale of Terrasini

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 Contrada agli Androni - Terrasini (PA)

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The coast of Terrasini winds westward in complex terraces of red active cliffs, where the work of the sea has created a succession of coves where the water is transparent, clean, perfect for snorkeling. Among the best known coves we find Caletta Maidduzza, Cala Rossa and Cala Porro.
Caletta Maidduzza , with the adjacent Grotta Perciata, is a tiny bay that can be reached via a couple of high ramps of artificial steps. It has a stony beach and the sea crossed by rocky ridges. The glance is enchanting as it reveals the iridescent magic of the red cliffs veined with white, sparkling in the sun.
The Cala Rossa is an inlet formed by splendid red rocks veined with white and by a clear blue sea. To access it, go up a staircase carved into the rock. The centerpiece of the renowned Cala Rossa is the Isolotto, so named in honor of the large rock that stands out in the center of this large cove. It is surrounded by inlets and natural caves that distinguish the Terrasini area.
The Cala Porro is surrounded by the cliff overlooking the sea and is constantly chiseled by the pounding waves. The cliff is about thirty meters high and houses a cave frequented by man since the prehistoric era, when sailors sought shelter from storms. The cove is framed by the flight of herring gulls and surrounded by the flowering of spring onion. It is possible to reach the cove only from the sea.

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