Ancient Market in Comiso

Ancient Market in Comiso

Antonio Pignato - CC4.0


 Via Rimmaudo Maggiore, 32 - Comiso (RG)

The Antico Mercato di Comiso is one of the most evocative places in the historic city.
It was built in 1867 on a project by the architect Fianchini, and until the mid-twentieth century it was the place where it was sold the fish.
The building, characterized by elegant neoclassical external and internal arcades, is embellished inside by a fountain.
Today the old market of Comiso is the seat of the "Gesualdo Bufalino" Foundation which contains a book heritage of about 10,000 books that belonged to the writer Bufalino. In fact, it is said that the writer, every day, loved to spend a few hours in the morning walking and chatting with friends in this place.

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