Castro Polara Grimaldi Palace a Modica

Castro Polara Grimaldi Palace a Modica

Michele Castro Grimaldi - CC4.0


 Corso San Giorgio, 1011 - Modica (RG)

The Palazzo Castro-Polara Grimaldi stands at the foot of the Cathedral of San Giorgio and is one of the most important noble palaces in the city of Modica.
It was built in the 17th century, after the great earthquake of 1693, which devastated the Val di Noto, razing most of the cities to the ground, at the behest of the noble Castro family.
The original structure was that of a villa in the city: a single large body, out of three levels, surrounded on two sides by a large garden, another side housed the quarters for the horses and the storerooms for the carriages. The building is the result of a centuries-old process of transformation, culminating in the adaptation to the magnificent staircase of the Orto del Piombo, the spectacular urban space on which the building overlooks with a very long panoramic balcony.
One of the peculiarities of the Palazzo is to have two main façades: the first, which allows access to the interior of the dwelling, is more modest and hidden; the other, which stands majestically above Modica and has a balcony about twenty meters long, from which you can enjoy an incomparable view.

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