Punta Secca Village

Punta Secca Village

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  Punta Secca (RG)

Punta Secca is a picturesque seaside village that became famous with the name of Marinella thanks to the successful fiction "Il Commissario Montalbano", taken from the novels by Andrea Camilleri.
In the village is the Casa di Montalbano and the seafront scenes at Enzo a Mare's restaurant.
Punta Secca is called by the locals "'a sicca" due to the presence of cliffs that extend between the stretches of sand along the eastern beach.
Punta Secca has a splendid beach, the Punta Secca beach, formed by a beach of fine golden sand with shallow waters and clean waters. It is called "Punta Secca" because of the rocks that create a shoal not far from the coast. The beach is in front of the house of "Commissario Montalbano".
The symbol of the village is the Punta Secca lighthouse, considered one of the major public works carried out by the Bourbon government in the Ragusa area. The Punta Secca lighthouse was designed by the engineer Nicolò Diliberto D'Anna in 1857, and was built with sandstone bricks taken from the Scicli area and transported to Punta Secca by large barges. Next to the lighthouse there is a single-storey building of the Navy.
In the village there is also the Torre Scalambri, a coastal defense tower located in the locality of Punta Secca, at the western end of the port. The tower was built in 1593 by Giovanni Cosimo Bellomo and was part of the defensive system for sighting Turkish, Saracen and Barbary ships.

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